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I was introduced to concrete as a building material while serving in the peace corps in the northeast of Brazil.  Returning to the US to pursue graduate studies in art, I ended up living, breathing, and pouring concrete on a daily basis during my stay at Arcosanti in Arizona, an experimental artistic community/urban ecology project.  

Continuing to work with concrete, both in construction and as an artform, I made the first of my sculptural lamps in 1974 and is still in use today (pictured here), aging softly giving off a gentle glow.  30 years later I have once again begun to make more of these pieces, exploring new styles, sizes and configurations... As well as reproducing the original sculpture.

The way material weathers over time is fascinating, sometimes exposing the aggregate or turning mossy, yet still retaining the basic shape and shadows depending on the time of day and illumination.

I am currently producing signed editions of various designs.

-Tom Price

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